Lightscaping enhances landscaping


Once the sun has set, how does your home look from the curb?

Did you know landscape lighting - or lightscaping - can not only change the entire look of your home and property but increase its curb appeal?

You've taken great steps in having a beautifully landscaped yard, and lightscaping will allow you to show it off - and make it safer, which would certainly entice any prospective buyers (although we totally understand if you just can’t ever leave your perfect property!)

While landscape lighting will shine a light on the focal points of your garden, it will also create lighted walkways and pathways for easy maneuvering outside your home - and could even create a more romantic atmosphere for a twilight stroll!

As Bridget C., recently said of our lightscaping service, “Javier created an exceptional landscape lighting plan for our house in Bonita Bay. He is talented and very knowledgeable.” And Bridget’s new lightscaping was installed in two days!

While you're thinking about lightscaping, you should also take into consideration landscape design. It can take a keen eye and a designer's mind to create a special garden and/or outdoor area that works well with your home.

Not all landscapers can accurately tell you where each plant, tree, shrub or statue should go, especially in Southwest Florida's wacky weather environment.

Imagine enjoying a lovely Southwest Florida evening with friends in a yard specifically designed for entertaining. Our landscape designers will take great pride and care in putting together a beautiful design that’s sure to impress anyone you invite over.

Using these five key elements will make your landscape stand out:

  • Unity: All the elements of your design will work together to express style and harmony;
  • Focal point: Whether you want it to be a fountain, an artificial waterfall, a pool or a flowerbed, we’ll design around it and make sure it’s the jewel of your property;
  • Proportion: This refers to size, of course, so we’ll make sure the landscape elements are designed in proportion with each other and any structures and the human element;
  • Symmetry and balance: The landscape design will have good use of lines, shapes, textures, forms and colors;
  • Simplicity: You don’t want it overdone, so designers will make sure it has beauty, function and originality while still maintaining an air of simplicity.

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