Landscape Construction & Enhancements

A great design is only as good as its installation.  And to the average person, installing a plant is as simple as digging a hole, throwing the plant in, covering it up, sprinkle a little fertilizer and throw a little water on it.  While that is essentially what happens, there are some important details that easily get over-looked.     

And at Crawford, we understand these differences and are committed to doing things the right way.  Because we often maintain the landscaping once installed, we know first hand what happens when things are installed incorrectly.  

Some of the details of a good installation include:

  • Proper plant, flower, tree, palm and sod identification and placement (right plant, right place)
  • Proper planting techniques, such as plant depth and width, root ball scarification and watering in to prevent air pockets
  • Proper soil amendments to promote root establishment and growth
  • Proper staking to stabilize without damaging
  • Proper plant purchasing from reputable nurseries and growers who provide quality plants, flowers, trees and palms. 

Small alterations can increase your property value

Clients can add colorful annuals and perennials, or change landscape topography with small alterations. These compact yet dynamic renovations change the aesthetics of the landscape and may increase the value of the property.

Designers at Crawford Landscaping will provide you a conceptualized drawing of your future landscape enhancements on‐time and on‐budget.


We practice accountability with all members of our team. We are results oriented and our high-quality services increase the value of any landscape
— Gerardo Regalado