Integrated Pest Management

Individualized treatment and maintenance 

Integrated pest management is usually the last step in dealing with landscape issues.  Any failure in one of the other services usually results in insects and disease to be treated by the Pest Control Department.  We do our best to perform the other services in a way that minimizes insect and disease damage, but proper pest identification and treatment is another vital part of landscape maintenance.

Crawford Landscaping’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program uses an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly approach to managing pest. This approach draws on knowledge from multiple sciences including mycology (study of fungi), entomology (study of insects), horticulture and chemistry. This approach enables our team to develop sustainable and affordable solutions to many common landscape problems. 

As part of our program, a licensed pest control technician visits our sites usually on a monthly basis to inspect for any insects or disease.  We believe strongly in a process of identification and treatment, versus blanket spraying.  Blanket spraying can be harmful to the environment, and often destroys good insects and bad alike.  Where spot treatments are isolated and effective.  

In many cases, we visit the site up to 2-3 more times for additional re-treat applications to ensure complete eradication and treatment often applies these retreats.