Summer landscaping tips for Southwest Florida

Following a few simple summer landscaping tips can help you maintain your beautiful landscape through the sizzling Southwest Florida heat.

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Whether you are responsible for the landscaping for a corporate campus, large housing community or just your own yard, the summer temperatures can be a challenge. You want to make sure your plants, trees and lawn not only make it through to Fall but also continue to provide curb appeal.

Of course, the best way to have an amazing landscape year-round is to start by picking the right plants, trees and flowers. For those who have moved to the area from another part of the country, that can be a challenge at first. What grew well somewhere else may not thrive in the Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL area.

Choose the right plants for the right place and plant them at the right time. If you have no idea where to start or you have a large area you are responsible for maintaining, we can help. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to design and maintain any landscape.

Basic summer landscaping tips

Let’s start with watering tips. This can be a tricky chore. You want to maximize the water you use to get the most benefit for the landscape. There are ways to ensure your plants get the water they need while using as little water as possible.

There are many factors to determine how and when to water. You don’t want to water during the hottest part of the day. Some water will evaporate before it even hits the plants or grass. You also have to make sure you are meeting the watering restrictions for your area.

Sprinkler location is another important factor. They should be strategically placed to make your watering as efficient and effective as possible. Are there areas that overlap, causing areas to get more water than needed? Are there patches that you’ve missed?

The maintenance of the sprinklers is just as important to the placement. Clogged or broken sprinklers can keep areas from getting the water they need. You could also end up with a bubbling fountain in one area of the landscape if you have a broken pipe. It’s not good for that area of the landscape and it’s keeping other areas from getting the water they need to survive.

Another thing to consider is how much shade or direct sunlight there is in each zone of your landscape. That will impact how they grow and the water and nutrition they’ll need.

These are just a few of the factors to consider as you maintain your landscape this summer. It’s important to get the biggest value out of the least amount of water. It helps the landscape and the environment.

Summer landscaping tips may sound easy, in theory, but can be really complex in practice. At Crawford Landscaping, we have the experience to handle all your landscaping needs. Give us a call at 888.581.5151.