Water conservation, new technology trending in landscaping this year

Water conservation and new technology are part of the trends we’ll see in landscaping this year.

Water has always been a key component in landscaping and technology continues to advance at rapid rates.

In our last blog post, we told you about the year's top landscape trends, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

We broke down three of the five, which emphasize outdoor living.

As a reminder, the association predicted these five trends will influence landscape planning and design:

·       Experiential landscape design;

·       Climate-cognizant landscaping;

·       Emphasis on water management and conservation;

·       Enhanced equipment and technology; and

·       Plants in playful colors and patterns.

We explained a little last month about experiential landscape design, climate-cognizant landscaping, and colorful plants and patterns.

Now let's take a look at water management and conservation and enhanced equipment and technology.

NALP says the integration of eco-friendly watering practices is expected to continue this year, with the use of native plants, xeriscaping, and smarter irrigation technology.

Here at Crawford, we're "full service" when it comes to irrigation. Water control is a big part of landscape maintenance and is meant to ensure soil gets as little or as much water as needed to survive our environment.

Too much or too little water can affect soil negatively, so it's important to monitor just how much is being used. This goes beyond just monitoring the amounts, though. We also have to monitor the system itself, checking for clogs, damage, leaks and other malfunctions.

This is another reason why native plants are a good addition to any landscape, as they grow to withstand the harshness of a Florida summer or the dryness of a Florida winter.

"Xeriscaping" isn't new to the landscaping world but has seen an uptick in popularity in recent years. It's an alternative to traditional landscaping and gardening and uses little to no water or irrigation. You may have seen some lawns where the grass has been replaced with rocks, which would certainly cut back on the amount of watering but also limit the number of outdoor activities you could do in your own yard.

Some new trends in lawn care equipment and technology, according to NALP, include equipment that is not only quieter but also more eco-friendly, with low or no emissions, using batteries rather than gas.

Manufacturers are also making it easier to store the equipment, designing it to stack or fold.

And on the design front, new technology is allowing designers to create more in-depth concepts more quickly. This technology even includes the use of drones!

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