Thrilled with Crawford's Work

On March 1st, our neighborhood HOA switched landscape contractors and employed Crawford to take care of our laws and landscaping. We, as well as all of our neighbors, were thrilled with Crawford's work! Within a week or two Crawford had made a significant improvement to the landscaping of the homes on our street simply by trimming and pruning. My husband and I were so pleased with Crawford's work that we decided to hire them to redo the landscaping at our home, which had not been properly maintained by the previous lawn service. Mirna Velenzuela met with us and devised a beautiful landscape plan for our property. Rather than rip out everything around our home, she was very judicious, advising us what we could keep and what would need to be replaced. Within two weeks a crew was at our home replacing shrubs and trees. The work crew was efficient, worked diligently, and cleaned up after the work was done. It was exactly what we had commissioned, and it looks amazing! We are so very pleased, and would not hesitate to recommend Crawford to anyone needing new or improved landscaping around his or her home!