Felix to the Rescue

"Being new to the area we had no idea on the proper planting of the right shrubs, where to put them, etc.  Along comes on of your employees Felix to the rescue.  I called the property manager and within days Felix shows up at my door.  He explained some rudimentary plans to green up and color up our landscape - as my wife would say.  

You have to know my wife; she's extremely picky.  Felix exercised amazing patience with her, explaining it wouldn't be good to do as she planned with our landscape.  High salt content, sun, shade, etc were all factors he expertly explained.  He drew up a plan and a quote and we are extremely pleased with the results.  

On a personal note I just wanted to say that Felix was a complete professional and to me a great asset in getting this job done.  He also helped me program my irrigation system.  I don't write many letters but in this case I felt I had too.  Being in sales for over 40 years I can read people pretty well and Felix is the real deal and a true asset to your company"

Don Stoecklein, resident in Orange Blossom