Landscaping tips for hurricane season

For Southwest Florida residents, hurricane season needs effective planning strategies. Preparedness procedures are critical in minimizing damages caused by heavy rains and strong winds. Regardless of your landscape design, ensure it has been prepared properly to keep you and your neighbors safe. 

Stocking enough emergency supplies and securing windows are essential steps but there’s more you can do to protect your property. If landscaping management is poor, it becomes a dangerous source of flying debris that can destroy properties and injure residents. 

Here are six strategies to help you prepare now that we are in hurricane season. 

1. Begin with trees

Trees can destroy homes and other property in a storm. Branches can become dangerous missiles flying through the air and piercing windows or even walls. However, if arbor care is properly followed before storm winds begin, destruction is minimized. For instance, if you have palm trees on your property, it’s advisable to remove coconuts since they’re dangerous projectiles in a storm. Any debris lying around the tree base must also be removed. 

Trees too close to your home or building pose a potential hazard in strong winds. Their branches may create holes in a roof or break your windows. If the tree is knocked down by wind or water, it could destroy a house or automobile. Such damages are costly to repair and could injure people.

2. Use mulch instead of rock

It’s prudent to mulch your plant beds instead of using gravel. Gravel can be hazardous when thrown into the air by strong winds. Mulch offers a safe solution to solid flying debris that litters your property. Moreover, mulch can dissolve in rain over time, mitigating damages. 

3. Harvest outdoor veggies and fruits

Do you have tasty fruits and vegetables outside? It’s discouraging to watch them ravaged by heavy storms. That doesn’t have to be the case. Once a storm is announced, harvest your veggies and fruits and enjoy them indoors. 

4. Safeguard ornamental trees

Ornamental trees are susceptible to strong winds. Before a storm, it’s advisable to install and reinforce strapping and tree stakes. Planning is beneficial. Purchase additional stake kits to raise them up when it’s safe. 

5. Keep potted plants and lawn ornaments indoors

During heavy storms, most potted plants flip over destroying the planter and plant. They can also be carried by strong winds becoming potential hazards. Collect them together with lawn ornaments, bird feeders and wind chimes and bring them inside. 

6. Consult experts

Feel free to ask questions. Landscape professionals can give you further guidance to prepare you for hurricane season. If a company manages your property, they may have already made recommendations. 

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