Why Choose Crawford

Since 2004, Crawford Landscaping has been successful in providing excellent landscape services to Southwest Florida. We have highlighted some of the services that Crawford Landscaping offers that help differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Emergency & Hurricane Response Plan        

We have proven track record and we are uniquely qualified to mobilize for hurricane cleanup and restoration.  With nearly 200 employees and over 90 vehicles on the road, we inspect and game plan every site within hours of a storm event, and based on need can resolve issues usually within 24 hours.

Designated Customer Service Representative  

A full-time Representative is available to personally assist and resolve any questions or concerns our clients have on their property.  Our standard is to resolve all customer issues within 24 hours.  

24-hour Emergency Contact

All Crawford Landscaping clients are given their Account Manager’s information as well as our after-hour contact information in case of an emergency. 

Experienced, Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

As a Company we understand that highly trained and skilled employees provide outstanding results for customers.

Proactive Communication

o    Monthly Calendar of services
o    Physical property inspections
o    Work order records and reporting
o    Proactive approach to enhancing and protecting the property