Very Satisfied Client!

I have admired the beautiful landscaping in our community since we moved in spring of 2016. Over the past 2 years Crawford has not only maintained the vibrant appearance, but introduced new and colorful plants, along the way. I cannot compare their high quality to any other, both in design and florae. For these reasons I did not hesitate to approach the supervisor (Dustin) one morning and ask for suggestions about enhancing the foliage around our lanai. In knowing the property layout, he instantly recommended a dwarf palm for what I described is needed (subtle elegance with more privacy). I could not be more pleased, but also wanted to call out the customer focus by Dustin and his team. Always smiling, professional and very conscientious, asking repeatedly if I was satisfied. We do not live in FL full time so some communication was done remotely, however it was reassuring to be confident enough to trust this contractor. I have this relationship with Crawford, unlike others who only seem interested in the sale, not the service. Your people are genuine and hard working - a testimony to the company culture.

In my opinion, Crawford is without peer in the landscape business, for at least the 3 States I owned a home. I thought it important to share my experiences, so everyone else can benefit too, by contacting your company first. I thanked Dustin and his people several times in person, but putting it in writing, as an ongoing reference and formal compliment was a more fitting means of gratitude. I sincerely appreciate your creativity and continued premium performance, in maintaining these standards at the Watermark development, in Fort Myers.