Crawford blesses single mom

I am a single mom raising two young boys and recently moved into a small apartment in the back of someone's property.  The landscaping was in desperate need of help.  Crawford Landscaping caught wind that we needed some help and in no time I learned that they were on their way to our home. When We arrived at home, we were shocked to discover that Crawford Landscaping had gone above and beyond what we ever could have asked for and re-landscaped our front yard!

Blake Crawford personally made sure that his company’s donation of time and material and design services were met with perfection.  This company created a  beautiful welcoming curb appeal to our home that I could not have dreamed up. Their professional eye and understanding of landscaping changed the face of our home. It thrills me and blesses me to walk up to our home because of the gorgeous landscaping design that we now get to enjoy.

I am floored that this company gives and blesses people in their community  even when those people cannot give back to them.