Outstanding Service

To Crawford Management:

We wanted to pass on to you a great experience we had with Mirna and her landscape/irrigation crew.

We had a large hedge area behind my lanai that we wanted to clear out and create a pepper garden. Then, replant a hedge row to screen the pepper garden as well as replace the visual screen to the back of our lanai. Crawford is the landscape company maintaining our property, so, I reached out to your company to get an estimate to do the planting and minor irrigation rework for the project.

Mirna, our account manager contacted me and came out to discuss my intentions and offer suggestions. Mirna was very helpful and proactive. She listened to my plans and offered several plant options that would meet my needs. I wanted plants that would be manageable and also grow quickly to provide the visual screening in a reasonable amount of time. She was responsive with a proposal and then quickly got me on the schedule for her crew to do the work. Her scope included providing plants, installing plants and redoing existing irrigation configurations to work with the new arrangement on the property.

The planting was installed on schedule. After installation, I notices that the sprinkler arrangement did not conform to what Mirna and I discussed ( I wanted the sprinklers to clear my pepper garden so that the peppers weren’t watered by the system; however one of the sprinkler heads still partially covered the pepper garden). I called Mirna to let her know and she called her irrigation crew to revisit the site to discuss the issue with me. The Crawford irrigation crew returned to my property the same day, knocked on my door, and we discussed the situation. Mirna’s irrigation foreman explained to me how it was necessary to place the sprinkler heads so that the new plants were adequately watered. And I explained to him how I wanted to be sure my pepper garden would not be irrigated by the system. Very quickly we compromised on an arrangement for the sprinklers so that the new plants were properly watered and my pepper garden was clear of the irrigation.

Mirna, her landscape crew, and the irrigation crew were a genuine joy to work with! They all gave me complete confidence and assurance that my needs/desires were heard and responded to. And, when they performed the actual installation, made sure I was satisfied with the final outcome.

We wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the outcome of this project I initiated on my property, and the support provided by Crawford and, specifically, Mirna and her crews! Outstanding service!

I will also let KEB management know of my complete satisfaction of Crawfords execution of this project!

Thank you!