Happy Lightscaping Client

Blake – I am a very happy and satisfied Crawford Landscaping customer and wanted to make sure you – as the owner – are aware of the outstanding effort a certain member of your staff put into my project.  Your company did a great overall job in my yard and I have already gotten you one referral job (which your team has now finished) for my across-the-street neighbor.  Please be assured that I will be doing all I can to refer additional landscaping business to Crawford in the future.  I only wish you did regular individual yard maintenance so I could hire you for that work.
The employee I am speaking of is Javier Lopez.  He has been simply outstanding through the entire landscaping & lighting project for my home in Shadow Wood / The Brooks in Estero.  Javier has been extremely attentive to my project needs and routinely spent time helping me thoroughly understand my options and related costs.  He took multiple pictures of the yard before the project and then used company software to project the proposed plants onto new pictures of the same areas.  This effort proved very valuable in submitting my proposal for approval to the Shadow Wood Architecture Committee.  The feedback I got was that they loved it and accordingly approved it immediately without any questions.
Javier has substantial customer service skills that were constantly on display during the job.  He makes your customer very aware that he is focused on getting it right – not just getting it done.  He was easy to reach, always responded promptly, quickly addressed / fixed anything that wasn’t right on the first pass, was very knowledgeable, and readily available to stop by my job on a regular basis.  His personality is very friendly and positive and I always enjoyed interactions with him.   He was especially focused on getting the right plant / tree for the right spot.  Get him to tell you the story of how he finally found my “just right” 22 ft. foxtail palm tree for the front yard.  It was a customer service classic and I appreciated it immensely.
I have previously managed large customer service organizations during my career in the business world and accordingly have come to highly appreciate the critical importance of having a strong customer service-oriented employee representing your company.  Javier is clearly such a unique individual for you and I hope you are both aware of his significant value and are rewarding him well for his service.  In my humble opinion, he is the kind of person any leader would be very proud to have representing their organization and managing their projects.
Best regards.
Barry S.