Great Things are Going to Happen

Below is a letter from a new client to their residents:

Dear Villa Neighbors,
Crawford Landscaping has reset (to Cape Coral standards) every irrigation timer at every resident's home.  They are now all correct.
Also, Crawford is going to be spending the week weeding.  As is quite obvious, Bright View left a mess of weeds in most every yard.  They also have been cutting the grass far shorter than is the standard for SW Florida lawns.  When this happens, it opens the door for weeds and disease to take hold of a lawn.  So for this week, Crawford Landscaping will not mow any Villa lawn...they will place emphasis on removing weeds and the general appearance of each lawn.  
There is much catch up work to be done by Crawford.  Their crews are well trained, friendly and each one of the work force is happy to be serving the Villa community.  When they reach your home you might want to wave hello and or offer them something cold to drink.  The temperature this afternoon is brutal and the workers that received a cold soda from me were ever so grateful. 
Within the next 24 hours, our life style director, Gary, will be sending out a flyer to each Villa resident inviting them for doughnuts and greeting Crawford Landscape crews.  It will take place next Wednesday, May 10 from 9:00 to 10:00 on Anguilla Dr.  This event will allow each Villa community member a chance to get to know the Crawford crew and their leaders and in turn the crews will get to know you keep your eyes peeled for an email from Gary!!!!!
Molly Knotts
President, Villa I BOD