Never Looked Better

Hi Guys

I Just want to let you know.... as a general observation, I believe the sod, shrubs and beds have never looked better on Buttermere.

I can tell you have been paying attention to the details ( and the finer points of irrigation/landscape work), fertilization, pest control, water coverage, pruning shrubs properly, cutting sod away from head outlets, repairing lines/heads, relocating heads and properly evaluating results weekly.

Well, the hard work, and teamwork, are starting to pay dividends.  I also believe we have really helped the whole process by installing the new filtration system ( which is providing consistent pressure and flow )..... during the worst dry season we have seen in years !  We are only having to water two times per week on each side of the street!

Solving complex, inter-related and perplexing problems through proper analysis and attention to detail is what I am talking about.  

Now I know what you can accomplish.  

Keep up the good work!

Andy A. (HOA President)