Boulevard Club Backyard Renovation Success!

My name is John Kneafsey.  I am Vice President of the Board at the Boulevard Club (BC) located at 1900 Gulfshore Blvd North in Naples, FL.  I am also a lifetime landscape enthusiast.  As you know, the BC has been a customer of yours for a number of years,  Until recently, we have only used your company for weekly maintenance and small ad hoc plantings,  In early 2016 the Board had the idea to very much change and improve our "backyard" in an effort in increase the quality of life at our building.  Janet Flack, an interior designer and our secretary and I were tasked by the Board to head up the search for a company to do the project.  As a rule, we went out to a number of landscape contractors to obtain bids and ideas for the project.  After careful analysis and discussion we decided to award the job to Crawford.
From the beginning we were very impressed with Vincent Difini.  Vince met with us on numerous occasions over a period of months formulating a plan that would best suit our needs and budget, He was extremely patient and professional throughout the process.  Dealing with a condominium board is a stressful endeavor to say the least.  Vince was very creative but pragmatic in his design and quite flexible as the process moved along to completion.  The demolition and install process went very smoothly and just as Vince planned.  Minor glitches were dealt with swiftly and all facets of the project were done to the highest standards.  In the end we were left with a final product that exceeded our expectations.  We have heard nothing but the highest praises on the quality of work and the process to get to us from start to finish.  Janet and I truly believe the process was made that much better by Vince being our point person.  He was an excellent communicator, always available, flexible and patient. Vince gave us a beautifully designed project and brought it in on time and under budget!  We couldn't be happier with the entire process.  He is a real asset to your company.
Thank you again to Vince, and a special thanks to Bob Boyd (who has always worked to keep the Boulevard Club a beautiful place) and the other members of your team who helped transform our "backyard" to the beautiful showplace it is today.
Best regards,
John Kneafsey & Janet Flack
The Boulevard Club