Professional and knowledgeable

As a resident homeowner of Old Cypress I was contacted by Ben Catlett one of your landscape managers to address a specific need[s] concerning one of my properties. Without detailing the specific needs, I must again thank Ben for the professional manner in which he addressed my needs/concerns. Not only, did he display a professional manner in dealing with my concerns, he immediately, without delay or excuses turned and addressed the problem and rectified it. He acted as if he understood the problem without a long winded explanation, and expressed himself in a way that gave me confidence of his acknowledge in the situation of the various landscaping needs that were to be addressed. It was a pleasure to do business with Ben and you should be proud of his representation of your company. It is employees like him that can and does restore my faith in the people that we rely on for service. Thank Ben again for me.

- Jon Zeimetz