Landscape lighting adds dimension

Landscape lighting, or lightscaping, not only highlights features in your landscaping but also adds dimension.

Lighting 1.jpg

We’ve written about ways you can use lighting to highlight aspects of your landscaping. You can use up lighting, down lighting, accent lighting, spotlights and pool and fountain lighting.

However, landscape lighting can do much more. It can actually add dimension, depth, detail and texture.

There are a variety of techniques we use in our landscape designs. If you know what you want to feature, we’ll show you the best options. But, if you aren’t sure what to do, our specialists can help.

The Crawford Landscaping Lightscaping Division, added in 2010, specializes in lightscaping design and implementation. We can recommend lighting based on your individual landscaping needs.

How landscape lighting adds dimension

·      Grazing: With Grazing, a light is positioned close to an interesting surface to bring out the texture. For example, tree bark, a masonry wall, wood shingles or an attractive door. 

·      Shadowing: When an object is lit from the front and below, you get a shadowing effect. It will project intriguing shadows on other vertical surfaces.

·       Silhouetting: Another popular option is to conceal lights behind and below trees or shrubs to create a silhouette.

·      Cross Lighting: To get a 3D effect, you can use cross lighting. Place two or more lights from different sides of an object to reveal a three-dimensional form in a striking perspective.

Any of the lighting choices we have discussed add value and beauty to your residential or commercial property. Light your home, business and landscaping to add class and luxury as well as an artistic touch to any landscaping.

If you want to learn more about how lightscaping can improve the look of your home or business in the Naples, FL and Fort Myers, FL area, call us at 888.581.5151. You can also learn more about landscape lighting on our website.