Letter from the Owner

When I started Crawford Landscaping in 2004, I had a simple vision: to be the best. And to me, being the best boiled down to a very simple philosophy I summed up into the following statement: “We stand for exceptional quality, first class customer service and a commitment to honoring our word.” And with that philosophy at the center of everything we do, Crawford Landscaping has grown into one of the areas largest and most respected full-service landscaping companies.


As with any business, people are your #1 asset. Even more important than having the right people is making sure they are in the right position. I understood this idea to be the first major component to building the best landscaping company, and we’ve been blessed to hire and retain some of the best. Life is short, and I wanted to make sure people enjoyed working at Crawford Landscaping and that’s why we work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like family.


In additional to great people, being the best involves having solid operating systems. At Crawford, we created what we call our Quality Operating System, or QOS. At its core, are 110 documents and written procedures that govern everything we do. You will see a few of those documents in our proposal package.


Lastly, being the best requires win-win partnerships with our vendors and clients. Without such relationships, business not only becomes more stressful, but in my opinion it becomes less fulfilling. For me, nothing feels better than a satisfied client or a valued vendor saying “thank you!” I am a people pleaser at heart, and I desire for everyone who encounters Crawford Landscaping to be 100% satisfied with their experience.

In closing, I would like to take a few sentences to share something about myself. I grew up in a suburb north of Detroit Michigan called Grosse Pointe and spent most of my life prior to landscaping working in the Automotive Industry. I have been married to my wife Tara for over 20 years, and we have three beautiful girls named Brooklyn, Avery and Peyton who attend First Baptist Academy. I am a born-again Christian, and I desire to live my life in a way that pleases and glorifies God. I credit Him with the success of Crawford Landscaping, and I do my best to honor Him in all that I do by following His Word. My personal mission statement is “to live with, under and for God.” It is my hope that you give my team a chance to show you The Crawford Difference!

- Blake S. Crawford