The Secret Sauce

Yesterday I attended my monthly client meeting at Paseo with Dustin, Leo, and three members of their Landscaping committee. During the hour long debrief, we were complimented for the following:

- Hand trimming a ladies hibiscus
- A recent installation project
- Our recent round of rejuvenation pruning application
- How courteous our worker are when residents are walking around the community

Each compliment was surrounded by a personal story. There were no complaints during this meeting, and the community of over 700+ residences looked great. At the conclusion of our meeting, I quickly wrote down the following list of things that lead us to doing such outstanding work. I'd like to highlight these for you so we never forget what makes Crawford Landscaping different - our secret sauce!

Consistency in our work: It's imperative we are consistent in everything we do. This puts a heavy emphasis on scheduling, being proactive vs. reactive, and constantly training and reinforcing our standard operating procedures.

Strictly following our Guiding Principles: Outstanding QUALITY, world-class customer SERVICE, highest degree of INTEGRITY (or doing what you say your going to do), and being good STEWARDS of everything under our care (employees, physical assets, clients properties, etc).

Maintaining a team that embodies our Core Values: RESOURCEFULNESS is always finding a way, PASSION for what you do, having the right ATTITUDE, always seeking improvement through KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION, taking OWNERSHIP of things under our control, and taking PRIDE in your work and our company. 

Working our "process": Working our process means doing things the Crawford way - the right way.  Performing monthly wet checks and checking every zone, applying the best fertilizer, hand pruning, etc.  We choose to put what's best for the landscape first, and it show in our product.

Communication: Communication is key and builds trust.  Sending clients monthly calendars, having monthly meetings, following up when work orders and ancillary projects are complete to ensure 100% satisfaction.  

Proactive discovery and resolution of issues: Clients love it when we spot issues before they do and resolve them.  They love it even more when we discover issues they themselves would never discover.

Treats our staff like family: Treating our employees like family enables and empowers them to treat their peers and clients the same.  Preaching quality and service over speed and quantity encourages friendly interactions between our staff and the clients they serve.

We must never lose sight of how we do what we do.  It truly is a team effort, and I speak for the entire leadership team in saying we're very proud of the job everyone does and we're grateful for the team we have!