Ladies and Gentlemen

I read a great book recently called The New Gold Standard by Joseph A. Michelli, the best selling author of The Starbucks Experience.  The subtitle is 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Service Experience Courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company.  Cesar Ritz founded the amazing hotel chain and was quoted as saying "The Customer is never wrong!

Did you know that Cesar Ritz grew up as a herdsman's son and started working in hotels at the age of 13.  While learning his craft, he was fired from various jobs and was even told by one employer that "in the hotel business you need an aptitude, a flair - you haven't a trace of it."

There's a quote at the employee entrance of the the Ritz Carlton here in Naples that reads "Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen."  From the top down, the Ritz Carlton has instilled an excellent culture that's predicated on serving one another.  Principle #3 in this book states "It's not about you!"  

Customer service at Crawford Landscaping is so important its one of three components that make up our Credo: we stand for quality, service, and a commitment to honoring our word.  And customer service is something that everyone must excel at for this to become an experience enjoyed by all our clients.  It needs to permeate our culture.  It needs to be "just the way things are done around here."