What does "Quality Focus" really mean?

Have you ever heard of a landscaper that does not have QUALITY as part of its "sales pitch?"  Of course not; quality is the key word every potential customer is looking for when identifying potential landscape contractors.  And let's face it, quality really is the bottom line when it comes to doing what we do.  But, I would like to expand a little on the notion of quality and its priority in most companies’ operating philosophy.  

In our industry, there's a common approach to making money when it comes to landscape maintenance.  That common approach is this: Do whatever you can to gain a landscape maintenance contract where potential enhancements exist.  In other words, be willing to shave your price on the maintenance contract if there's potential for profitable enhancement work; or profitable up-selling opportunities.  So very quickly, the focus shifts from providing quality landscape maintenance to providing high profit enhancements sales.  This is very common.

At Crawford, we have a very different approach: We pride ourselves on our QUALITY FOCUS,  meaning, we celebrate a fantastic looking landscape more than we celebrate enhancement sales.  Enhancement sales are nice, but should be realized only when trying to enhance the quality of the landscape and to best serve the relationship with our clients -- not line our pockets. 

It amazes me how many clients fall victim to this bait and switch.  If you manage a site, and you're experiencing dead or weed-infested sod, or your plants are looking tepid or dying, or if you’re planting beds are full of weeds or vines during the summer, you've hired a company that's not quality focused. 

Give us a call, and discover the difference of Quality Focus.  The Crawford difference!