CMS - Our Built In Work Order System

At Crawford, doing what you say you're going to do, is one of our fundamental core values, along with quality and service.  So how do we measure and monitor our progress in doing what we say we're going to do?  Because after all, anyone can throw out a few words and say "that's what we stand for," but it's another thing to consistently live by those very words.

Enter our Customer Management System, or CMS.  This is our internal work order system where we track all our actionable items, ranging from new sales opportunities to field operational items.  Basically, if we tell anyone, including ourselves, that we're going to do something, it's captured in this system.  

Each week, ownership reviews outstanding work orders with the team to make sure things are completed on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.  Our system also keeps records of all work orders for easy retrieval.  Our CMS system was one of the first "systems" implemented at Crawford because doing what we way we're going to do is fundamental to our success.  

Interesting Fact: Since we've been tracking and measuring our CMS's, we're proud to note that 52% of all CMS's are called in by our own team members.  This is such a refreshing statistic as it shows everyone's dedication to our quality pledge, our ability to work as a team, and the strength of this system.  We like to describe our operating philosophy as a multi-level accountability system because our entire team is involved in producing our quality product.  This includes the maintenance foreman informing the office of a dry spot, or an irrigation tech reporting diseased turf - all of which produces a CMS.  

To complete a work order, which we encourage our clients to do, there are three ways:

  1. PHONE: call 1-888-581-5151 and ask for Customer Service
  2. WEBSITE: go to the contact tab and fill out a work order
  3. E-MAIL: e-mail customer service at